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Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 2013 on the Hill

The weather has been beautiful! We did have one major storm... a tornado, and boy did it make a mess! We are all safe and the animals are all safe... just had no electricity for 9 days and also had two big pine trees knocked down. Other then that, the weather has been GORGEOUS!

                              Beautiful Missouri Sunset...... pictured above

                              Missouri tornado coming in... this was around early afternoon, see all the lights on ? It got that dark! Pictured above..

We also had another visitor.... not a good one! This prairie kingsnake tried it's best to get into the vintage window banty coop.... but we were prepared!!! Keith killed it ( we don't usually kill snakes here on the hill, but this one was actively trying to get inside the banty coop ) and then we let the chickens look at the dead snake... they were very interested!

  Our new mini lop , Lavender, is getting so big! Here is a fresh picture of her and sweet Marlee :)

The banty chicks have finally started laying eggs.... they are so cute!!!!

Tune in for more blog posts on summer here at the Hill! <3 Urban farming... we are doing it!


  1. Glad you got the snake before it got the banty's!

  2. I love the sunset photo! I'm from Oklahoma so I totally understand lights coming on in the middle of a tornado!! I didn't realize Missouri had so many tornado threats/tornado's until I moved here. That is a huge snake!! Following your blog btw!

    1. Thanks Helen!!! Yes, Missouri tornados are nothing to joke about! Scare me to death!! The snake was a king snake...we chopped it up and fed it to the chickens hehehehehe! It was an old wives tale that if you feed a snake to the chickens, they will kill snakes that come into the coop and eat them??? Sounds weird huh! But we did it! Thank goodness we haven't had any more snakes to test the theory! Yuck! :)