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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chicken Swap

I am so incredibly blessed to belong to a fantastic facebook group called Chicken Swap of Missouri... they have been my helpers and teachers and I am just blessed. We did an ornament swap this year which was super fun. I found rooster ornaments at Hobby Lobby and sent those out.. and I received some cute ones back.. I received a snowman made from a lightbulb ( forgot to take a pic of it, but it was super cute!!) and here is the other two I received!!!

Both were homemade... crafty ladies!!!

Aren't they adorable?? It's kind of hard to tell, but the one on top is a sewn hen.. super cute and the one on the bottom is a clay star with a sparkle rooster stamp!! LOVED THEM!!!!

Do you have a go to group of friends that help you with all your chicken problems?? Or a group of people just to chat with about chickens? I am incredibly thankful for the awesome "peeps" at missouri chicken swap!!!!

Love, JL~

Monday, December 3, 2012

Feed the Birds.. Tuppence a Bag!

Don't you love that movie???? It has to be one of my many favorites! We are blessed here at Fruit Tree Hill.. we have hundreds of birds that flock around the bird feeders and we love to watch them and listen to them! The kids have actually held a couple of the baby birds, and we love to watch the resident cardinal couple make a nest and hatch some cute babies!!

Here is one of the bird feeders... you can probably see the 1.00 sticker on it.. good ole yard sales!! Plus we have multiple suet feeders which they go crazy for!! This week we will be making some new feeders. I have been browsing pinterest and they have such cool ideas!!!

This one is made out of a slinky!!!! How smart!!!

This is a great idea to me... I can just picture lots of these stars hanging in the trees etc for the birdies to eat!!!!

What kind of bird feeders do you have at your house?? Any fun stories about the birdies?? Leave a message in the comments!!!

Love, JL~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The case for the turkey....

My son is saving his money. This in itself is a miraculous feat, but he is saving it for something special. A Turkey.

He has a plan. He will buy the turkey at Farm and Home in the spring. Then he will bring it home and keep it in his bedroom until it's old enough to go outside ( remember this is HIS plan.. mommy has the right to change any parts of the plan ... like letting the turkey sleep with Dylan, umm no.).
The next part of the plan is to build the turkey a pen. He is also saving money for food, as they eat more then chickens etc. He wants to sell the turkey eggs. Sigh. He has a big plan. For now, we are letting him dream and save his money. We will see in the spring, whether a turkey on an "urban farm" in the middle of town is going to fly.. hehe get it fly??

For now, he has a good case. We will see what the judges decide in the spring. :)