Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cherry Picking and Raspberries getting ready!

Well, the cherry trees are FULL!!!! We have had a blast cherry picking and as you can see from the other picture, the raspberries will be next!!! Also, Marlee and Sydney picked two strawberries yesterday, we probably wont get a lot of strawberries this year since we just planted twenty new plants this year. :)

Sweet Polish Hair

Kate one of our Polish chickens is getting quite the do!!!!!!

Chicken Coop Building

As of last week... I no longer have chickens in my house!!!!! Keith finished the big coop.. I still need to take pics of the finished product, its gorgeous and the ladies and two roo's love it! It's painted barn red with white trim. The baby chickens are in the smaller coop now and everyone is happy! The big chickens are out in their big play yard all day, then the baby chicks come out in the evening while the big ones go in their big coop. ( they don't get along to well!) the bunnies love all the chickens and yesterday June tried to dig out of the play yard! She was so cute!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gentle Giant, The mini roo, and the ladies

Hershey, our gentle giant rooster
Our mini rooster who thinks he's the boss * he isnt * Elvis :)
Lola, the real boss of the coop
Pretty Rose... who is never without her pal Loud Lucy ( in the background)
One last picture.... a chicken butt!! hehehehe.... that's Elvis. He's got a cute behind :)

The Escape Artist

As much as I love the babies.... I will be happy when they can go outside to their coop. Brownie has learned she can escape. For the most part she just roosts, sometimes sleeping there all night! The other day, I walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room where their tub is, and what do ya know... I was met at the gate by Brownie who was just non-chalantly making her way towards the kitchen!! This morning she learned she can fly to the edge of the dining room table and perch on it. Hmm.... hurry up with the big coop already Keith!!!!