Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introducing some of the new chickies at the Hill

Dylan's holding the two new baby bantams... and we also have two ameraucana's, a black jersey giant, and a buff orpington, oh and can't forget the golden laced wyandotte :)

Introducing Some of The New Babies at the Hill

Here are some of the baby bunnies.... and cutie pie Marlee :)

Fresh Footage at the Farm March 2013

It's spring and the house is full of new babies ( because it's still freezing outside!! so they are in the house yikes!!) Here is some footage of the new babies... I couldn't get Paris and Foxy's babies because the lighting was to dark.... but this video features Violet and her babies, Winter, and the new baby chicks!! Enjoy!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bottle Fed Babies!

So momma Foxy Cleopatra has rejected two of her babies ( the littlest runts!) but she IS taking good care of the three she has in there still. So, I am bottlefeeding two precious babies!! :) So far so good.... they were so skinny and puny and she kept throwing them out of the nest box. So for now I just tried to get some kitten milk replacer in them. Today I have started pedialyte also.. to get them better hydrated. Working hard! They sleep together all bundled up and I think.... it might be working. But, I try to remind the kids that bottlefeeding baby bunnies a lot of times doesnt work :( Hopefully it will be good! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New babies at the farm!!!!

We have 18 gorgeous new Lionhead bunnies at Fruit Tree Hill!!! They are so neat!!!! They are inside right now so that they are safe from the weather and everything is going great!! Here is some fun pictures! Congrats to Violet, Paris, and Foxy Cleopatra!! Oh yeah... congrats to daddy Teddy Bear too!! Proud Papa!!