Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Animals Spring 2013

Here is some new pics of the animals here at Fruit Tree Hill....

This is the new Banty coop made from vintage window screens from the house at the end of the street.. the neat couple that live there are in their 90's and they save EVERYTHING... including all the vintage window screens from their home! Awesome! Cost us about 12 bucks to do this coop... paint and hardware. It's all screened in and lovely!
That's Lola in their... she is a silver laced Wyandotte.. she has a booboo back from being Hershey's favorite, the hen saddles are in the mail!

This is Porter... he's on loan from a friend's farm, he is our Ameracauna Dolly's new beau... hehehe.

This is Teddy Bear.. he is the proud papa of 27 babies!!!!!!! He is a lionhead.

The white and brown bun in the back is Sebastian, he is a lionhead. The cinnamon/black colored Netherland Dwarf in the front is Little Bear.

This is Kevin.... our crazy polish rooster. He is crazy. Seriously. and he's in time out. so there.

Hello Elvis! He is our little banty roo, the protector of the eggs. He is a Silver Birchen Cochin Bantam.

Hello Hershey! Our protector of all the chickens, he is a Barred Rock Rooster. He's handsome.

There's Dylan, working on his little "pond" for the ducks!

These are the ducks! Chris and Pat... because we don't know if they are boys or girls !! They are playing in a mud puddle under the swingset! :)