Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interesting Happenings on Fruit Tree Hill

Well, like any other urban "farm" as we like to call ourselves, we have some cute things happen and some well, not so cute things. Here are a couple of examples! CUTE:
Excuse me Johnny, but you are kind of in the wrong pen.... that would be where the chickens sleep... not the handsome bunny :) NOT CUTE:
This would be the 2 foot garter snake I killed earlier this spring... it was heading straight for my chicks!! I am woman... hear me roar!!!!!!!! So... life on the "farm" can be cute and well, not so cute. Love, JL~

The Fruit Trees

I need to get out and take pictures of them now... they have tons of little mini fruits on them... but here are some pictures of the beautiful flower show they gave us earlier this spring!!!!
We are blessed to have a pie cherry tree, a granny smith apple tree, a bing cherry tree, an apricot tree, a white peach tree, a regular peach tree, and a pear tree :) We are going to add a golden delicious apple this year. We keep our trees organic, which means the fruit sometimes doesnt look perfect like the grocery store waxed fruit.... but the taste is superb!!! Hoping to be able to share our harvest at the farmers market this year! :) love, JL~

Enjoying the Sunshine

They are all snuggled into this little patch of sunshine.. so cute. Also, it was feeding time! Love my chicks!

The babies are growing!

So I took the babies of Fruit Tree Hill out to enjoy some sunshine, while I cleaned their little brooder tub. They were so cute in the grass... they were so curious and happy! This is how I carried them out, in a box. LOL!!! I forgot to tell you their names... Cait, Dolly, Brownie, and Kevin... who is probably a girl, the kids just wanted to name it kevin. :)

A boy and his rooster

Dylan is enchanted by his Plymouth Barred Rock rooster, Hershey. Hershey loves Dylan just as much. Look how big Hershey is getting! And he will still crawl up to Dylan and fall asleep in his arms. AWWW!!!!!!!! major cuteness alert! Who said that roosters were mean???? :)

A polish and her hair.....

I love my little polish chickens. I have two right now.... but I'm sure as we buy land etc that will be one of the breeds we stick with :) The other night, Cait had a little dirty bottom, so we gave her a bath. While she was wrapped in her towel, I decided to give her a mohawk with baby lotion. She just looked so adorable. :) I love my chickens.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Babies of Fruit Tree Hill

Here are our sweet babies... not quite old enough to hang outside. They're loud and happy! They went outside for a bit yesterday while I cleaned their little bucket... they loved running around the play yard while the big chickens were in their coop ( they dont get along well with the big chickens.. big bad Hershey tries to protect his lovely ladies from the babies! silly rooster) anyway, the big chicken coop is almost done, so the big chickens can go in there and the four babies will go in this coop:
That's Keith, our handyman and Dylan, his apprentice. Those are my boys! :)

The Lovely Ladies of Fruit Tree Hill

We will start with the bossy momma.... Julie. She is a silver lace wyandotte and she is boss! She is Hersheys main leading lady and she takes that seriously! At first it was hard to tell her apart from her twin Lola.... but their personalities are completely opposite!!!
Miss Lola... Julie's twin and also the beautiful lovely lady on Keith's shoulder in our blog title image :) She is sweet and likes to be held... when she's in the mood.
This is Rachel ( with little lucy hiding behind her) She is strong, beautiful and has attitude!!
Here is Rose.... she is a cutie pie and very gentle. She likes to just hang out with the other ladies, she's kind of a quiet little spirit.
This is "loud lucy" !! She has been the loud mouth of the bunch since day one! When she was just a few days old, we kept her in the brooder while the other bigger chicks were out in the play yard... she stomped her feet and chirped soooo loud we finally let her out just to see what would happen. She went right up to Hershey, our rooster, and snuggled under him and fell asleep. Hershey was a kind gentleman and let her stay there and sleep. She just wanted out with everyone else!! You can always tell when Lucy is chirping!! Even from a mile away! :)
Last but certainly not least of our lovely ladies-- is Eleanor/Elliot... we just arent sure yet what the heck it is... other then one funky chicken!!!!!!

Introducing Hershey, He rules the roost!

This is Hershey! He is a Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster and he is being held by his boy Dylan. :) Dylan is a self proclaimed chicken/rooster whisperer, telling us that he has a way with chicks and roosters. I believe him... Hershey is getting huge and he still likes to perch on Dylans hand and fall asleep! He is very protective of his lovely ladies and loves to be held.

The Critters

The queen critter of Fruit Tree Hill is Roxie Daffy Duck.... she is half bassett hound, half english bulldog. She is spoiled and loves to take naps. We wouldn't know what to do without her!!!!!!
Sam is our inherited farm dog. He is the best outdoor protector, with gorgeous eyes and the sweetest disposition!
Next up we have Johnny the Bunny, being held by his personal chauffer Sydney. She carries him around 24/7 and he doesnt seem to mind! He is madly in love with his wife June the bunny and loves clover and getting to hop around the play yard. He is very curious also :)
Johnny's lovely wife June, is pictured here... checking everything out. She is super curious and incredibly "hoppy" ! She loves to run and kick up her heels and chase the chickens! She also likes to sit on the yellow kids chair that is beside their hutch. These are just a few of the critters here at fruit tree hill.... we also have chickens and fish and one frog and an ant farm! :)


Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill! The handsome man in the image for the title of the blog is my hubby, Keith :) Oh and that's Lola on his shoulder, enjoying the apple tree. The rest of us are JL, Dylan, Marlee, and Sydney. We live in town, in Hannibal and we are learning to be urban farmers! We enjoy our big yard and the many critters we have, also enjoy the fruit trees, berries, garden area and forest area behind our home :) Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill! Why the name Fruit Tree Hill? When we moved to our home 10 years ago, we started a tradition of planting a fruit tree each spring. They all happen to be on a hill... :) With Love, JL~
Cherry Blossoms!