Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lovely Ladies of Fruit Tree Hill

We will start with the bossy momma.... Julie. She is a silver lace wyandotte and she is boss! She is Hersheys main leading lady and she takes that seriously! At first it was hard to tell her apart from her twin Lola.... but their personalities are completely opposite!!!
Miss Lola... Julie's twin and also the beautiful lovely lady on Keith's shoulder in our blog title image :) She is sweet and likes to be held... when she's in the mood.
This is Rachel ( with little lucy hiding behind her) She is strong, beautiful and has attitude!!
Here is Rose.... she is a cutie pie and very gentle. She likes to just hang out with the other ladies, she's kind of a quiet little spirit.
This is "loud lucy" !! She has been the loud mouth of the bunch since day one! When she was just a few days old, we kept her in the brooder while the other bigger chicks were out in the play yard... she stomped her feet and chirped soooo loud we finally let her out just to see what would happen. She went right up to Hershey, our rooster, and snuggled under him and fell asleep. Hershey was a kind gentleman and let her stay there and sleep. She just wanted out with everyone else!! You can always tell when Lucy is chirping!! Even from a mile away! :)
Last but certainly not least of our lovely ladies-- is Eleanor/Elliot... we just arent sure yet what the heck it is... other then one funky chicken!!!!!!


  1. What beautiful chicks. Yes I have noticed they don't like being alone at all. If they are the last at anything they freak out. I am your first follower YEAH!! I will surely add you to my blog roll by tomorrow. I am working on everyone from BYC.

  2. Oh and you are going to love blogging. I have become such good friends with people through it and you find so many great like minded folks. I am a fellow city farmgirl.