Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So Much To Catch Up On !!! SUMMER AT THE HILL!!!!!

Woo Hoo! It's officially summer time here at the hill ! We have cutie pie chickens everywhere, dogs, and bunnies!! The baby chicks in the banty coop are getting big!!!

This is Lavender , our new mini lop .... isn't she darling ??

Here's Xander.... our blue cochin banty roo.... he's a sweetie ! The boy holding him is awfully cute too! :)

The honeysuckle smells heavenly!!!!!!! My favorite ever! This bush came from a teeny tiny start from my grandmothers garden!

The rabbitry is starting to look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.... we are cleaning out the cages etc in this pic.... so the doors are open lol. Behind where Keith is standing... is the big chicken coop that Keith built. I will be posting pics of all the different coops and cages and hutches that Keith has built!

Cherry pickin time is here!!!!!

Kids being silly and enjoying summer!!!!!!!! \

Enjoy your summer from your friends here at Fruit Tree Hill! <3