Welcome to Fruit Tree Hill!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monster Egg!!

This morning we found a big surprise in the hen boxes!! This monster egg! Here is a pic of it... it's the one in the middle... on the left is one of the rhode island red eggs, then in the middle is the monster egg, and on the right is a store bought egg :) super cool huh!!!

The story of the mole....

So we were sitting outside enjoying the evening and all of the sudden I saw a mound of dirt move! Keith grabbed the shovel... we weren't sure if it was a mole or a snake! Turned out it was the chubbiest little mole ever! He was darling... but he made a run right for the chicken play yard! Hershey, our big rooster kind of squeaked and jumped out of the way which made us laugh! Then Rose, our brave hen, took after him and chased him to the wall.. he started to dig under but she grabbed his little tail! Finally Keith just flung him over the fence so he could find a new home... far away from our house and garden! But I thought it was just so cute because Hershey is supposed to be the protector... but I guess he's afraid of moles!! Here's a pic of the mole trying to get under the wall and Rose being our protector!!!!

some updated pics of the animals

Here are the beautiful girl bunnies :) They love to play ball and they're snacking on alfalfa and carrots !
 Handsome boy bunnies enjoying their morning snack of alfalfa and carrots.. they also have a ball to play with!
 Johnny and June... man i love those bunnies!

The ladies telling me good morning! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Farm Accident

It was bound to happen.... when you're a farmer, whether a big operation or a teeny tiny urban "farmette" , you're going to have an animal or human get hurt. Last night we found our polish hen , Kate, had been pecked like crazy by the other three chicks in her coop... they were pulling her feathers out!!! She has a raw chicken meat back.... but we immediately asked for help on BYC and also my new friends at Missouri Chicken Swap on Facebook.... they were amazing telling us what to do to help our little Kate. She has always been weaker then the others... and she can't see because of her feathers ( she is getting a trim today!) so she was picked on :(    soooo awful!!! I will spare you the grizzly pictures... but after getting her all fixed up with medicine ( blu kote bought at farm and home) and having her sleep inside in roxie's pen, hehe, she looks great this morning!!! Keith made her a bachelorette pen... she can't be with the others anymore, we gotta keep her safe! So here is a fun pic of her waking up this morning ! She is like " what the heck am I doing in here???" :)

The Rooster Whisperer

My sister made Dylan this tshirt for his birthday.... he is defintely the Rooster Whisperer!!! He can carry around our big roo Hershey, like he's a baby! He is defintely amazing with all the chickens! I thought this tshirt was awesome!!! My sis is super talented... im thinking I need one that says "Hen mama" or chick mama! LOL~~

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dolly's new trick!

Look what Dolly can do! She loves to hop onto the fence then climb into our laps! She's a lovey!


Look at the gorgeous eggs!!! They taste so amazing !! Thank you Ladies! ( we now have two laying!)

Look what Rachel is doing!

Hey everyone! Come and see what Rachel is doing!!! She's laying an egg!!! ( hoping these two take lessons from her and start laying too! so cute how they are so curious!)