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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The story of the mole....

So we were sitting outside enjoying the evening and all of the sudden I saw a mound of dirt move! Keith grabbed the shovel... we weren't sure if it was a mole or a snake! Turned out it was the chubbiest little mole ever! He was darling... but he made a run right for the chicken play yard! Hershey, our big rooster kind of squeaked and jumped out of the way which made us laugh! Then Rose, our brave hen, took after him and chased him to the wall.. he started to dig under but she grabbed his little tail! Finally Keith just flung him over the fence so he could find a new home... far away from our house and garden! But I thought it was just so cute because Hershey is supposed to be the protector... but I guess he's afraid of moles!! Here's a pic of the mole trying to get under the wall and Rose being our protector!!!!

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