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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Farm Accident

It was bound to happen.... when you're a farmer, whether a big operation or a teeny tiny urban "farmette" , you're going to have an animal or human get hurt. Last night we found our polish hen , Kate, had been pecked like crazy by the other three chicks in her coop... they were pulling her feathers out!!! She has a raw chicken meat back.... but we immediately asked for help on BYC and also my new friends at Missouri Chicken Swap on Facebook.... they were amazing telling us what to do to help our little Kate. She has always been weaker then the others... and she can't see because of her feathers ( she is getting a trim today!) so she was picked on :(    soooo awful!!! I will spare you the grizzly pictures... but after getting her all fixed up with medicine ( blu kote bought at farm and home) and having her sleep inside in roxie's pen, hehe, she looks great this morning!!! Keith made her a bachelorette pen... she can't be with the others anymore, we gotta keep her safe! So here is a fun pic of her waking up this morning ! She is like " what the heck am I doing in here???" :)

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