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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Critters

The queen critter of Fruit Tree Hill is Roxie Daffy Duck.... she is half bassett hound, half english bulldog. She is spoiled and loves to take naps. We wouldn't know what to do without her!!!!!!
Sam is our inherited farm dog. He is the best outdoor protector, with gorgeous eyes and the sweetest disposition!
Next up we have Johnny the Bunny, being held by his personal chauffer Sydney. She carries him around 24/7 and he doesnt seem to mind! He is madly in love with his wife June the bunny and loves clover and getting to hop around the play yard. He is very curious also :)
Johnny's lovely wife June, is pictured here... checking everything out. She is super curious and incredibly "hoppy" ! She loves to run and kick up her heels and chase the chickens! She also likes to sit on the yellow kids chair that is beside their hutch. These are just a few of the critters here at fruit tree hill.... we also have chickens and fish and one frog and an ant farm! :)

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