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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interesting Happenings on Fruit Tree Hill

Well, like any other urban "farm" as we like to call ourselves, we have some cute things happen and some well, not so cute things. Here are a couple of examples! CUTE:
Excuse me Johnny, but you are kind of in the wrong pen.... that would be where the chickens sleep... not the handsome bunny :) NOT CUTE:
This would be the 2 foot garter snake I killed earlier this spring... it was heading straight for my chicks!! I am woman... hear me roar!!!!!!!! So... life on the "farm" can be cute and well, not so cute. Love, JL~

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  1. Love reading chicken blogs!!! My silkies are sitting on two polish eggs right now. I am hoping it all works out. Glad you found my blog, and I will keep up with yours!
    Kathie from NC