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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BunBuns for Sale at Fruit Tree Hill!

It's that time of year.. time for a bunny sale here at the Hill. We have our beautiful babies from Violet and Sebastian, they are $20 a piece. They will come with a care sheet, a picture pedigree of them and their parents, and a small bag of alfalfa and food.

And then we also have some cutie pie juveniles for sale.. breeding age etc.

We have Foxy Cleopatra... she is double maned lionhead who has had two litters..

Not the best picture... she didn't want to pose for me : (   lol!

We have Silver... He is a cute inquisitive little lionhead/ netherland dwarf

We have Teddy Bear.... who has been a father to 27 beautiful babies. :) That was with one breeding... three moms... super Teddy Bear!!!  $10
and last but not least, we have one of Winter's babies, a buck, he is half lionhead, half netherland dwarf, and he is CUTE!!!! he has a Mohawk!  $10
You can get ahold of me at 573 795 9735 :)
Here is what bunbuns had for dinner last night.. along with their regular alfalfa and pellets.. they are so spoiled!!!
Yummy, kale, broccoli, and carrots :)

and just for fun, here is a silly pic :)

Have a super day!!!!!!!

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