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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heigh Ho from Fruit Tree Hill !

Heigh Ho Silver! Our cutie pie lionhead boy named Silver say's hello! :)

Just doing some updating to the blog... I have so many cute pictures from around the Hill.... So this post is going to be a little .... random... but hopefully it will be fun!!

Rachel is checking out the peaches... she likes to hop on top of the big coop to get nosey... LOL !

Here is a new friend... a beautiful dragonfly came to visit me while I was tying up a tomato plant.

Shingling the big chicken coop! Dylan was a big help... thank goodness he was there to help :)

Kevin and Kate, our resident Polish couple have knocked over their feeder again... don't they look innocent tho ??

Hello Little Bear! He must've had to use the restroom.... he's on the wire... he's such a cutie!!! I love him! :)

Here's daddy resting in his new hammock he got for Father's Day !! Doesn't it look comfy ??

Chris and Pat, the two ducks here at the Hill, enjoy their swimming pool!

Another beautiful Missouri sunset :

And in July we had a beautiful thing happen.... say hello to mama Violet :

and introducing her beautiful babies!!!!!!

NINE beautiful babies!!!! Purebred Lionheads :)

And last but not least.... we are finally getting all different colors of eggs, White, Brown, Light Brown, Pink, and Green! YES!!!!

How has your summer been dear friends ?? :)
Love, JL~

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