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Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter is coming.....

Winter is coming.... that means it is time to break out the garden catalogs and hatchery catalogs and start planning for next spring!!! What are some of your favorite companies for gardening? Right now I'm really liking the Gurney's catalog, because they are running a deal I am going to take advantage of! You spend 25 bucks.. you get 25 bucks free!

Also, this weekend has alot of plans... we need to finish getting the yard ready for winter.. time to put everything to bed. Being in Missouri, you just never know what the weather is going to be like. Last winter we had tornadoes and also ice storms. So we will mow the yard one last time, get straw on the beds, and put away all the outdoor toys. Keith will be finishing getting the coops and cages winterized and then we will just have to take care of daily needs for the animals. Keith built a new huge run in the back of the big coop for the chickens. They LOVE it. They have been chowing down on pumpkin ( the obligatory front porch pumpkin that everyone has on their porch for fall) they love the pumpin and it is super good for the chickens. I have read it also works as a natural de-wormer which even tho my chicks don't have worms, I am hoping it is a good preventative too! I have been reading alot on what makes healthy chickens, because we have happy healthy chickens, and we are getting beautiful eggs. We are blessed.

Don't tell Dylan ( the rooster whisperer) but he is getting an incubator for Christmas. He can't wait until spring so we can incubate our eggs and grow our flock , so we can sell eggs at Farmer's Market. I have huge ideas for Farmer's Market next year. I can't wait!!

So I will leave you with a pic of the kids enjoying the park this fall... just because I can. HA!!!

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